Saturday, June 18, 2011

Revalina S Temat

Long enough Revalina S. Temat not been heard and rarely appear on the screen, it is now undergoing kesibukanya for filming the movie in Madura. Of Happiness is felt artist Revalina S. Temat. Hobbies roads can be met on the sidelines of busyness as performers in the entertainment world. Not long ago, Reva has just undergone the filming of the latest big screen in the region of Madura.
Revalina S. Temat Will Widescreen Movie Filming in Madura

"I'm thankful that in the film (widescreen), I can chance filming outside the city, where I never went to," said Reva in Hot Shot show SCTV, on Sunday (15 / 5).


Since the first, Reva's preferred path rather than the big screen soap opera. According to him, the soap opera too spend much time and effort. Location filming was likely unchanged. "Boring," says Reva.

When asked about the relationship with Ringo, Reva was reluctant to answer. During both of these rumors are not in line anymore or breakup.